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You're WORTH It!

Sunday, July 28th, 2024, 1PM - 4 PM

In-person, Puslinch/Morriston, ON

gong with a virgo symbol with the cosmos in the background

You’re showing up for everyone else but are always the last one to get your cup filled.

Isn’t it time to take care of you?

Join us as we embark on a journey of self care and worthiness.

This three hour transformational event will take you on a path of deep healing as you release energetic, emotional and mental blocks in a safe and healing environment, aligning you with your truest vibrations to take the next steps on your path.

In this intimate gathering of like-minded souls, you will be led through:

- intention setting,

- compassionate healing (Compassion Key™ Healing Circle facilitated by Catherine Graham),

- vibrational alignment facilitated by a gong soundbath (with SevaRam Spronk),

- integration of the transformation.

Our healing is amplified in the energies of the salt cave, allowing for deeper release and connection. Feel yourself free to say YES to more, and let your joy guide you to new possibilities!


Compassion Key™ is a precise healing system that goes deep into the core of the issue and gently but strongly touches and heals the cause of what needs to heal. In these sessions, you are actively participating in giving compassion to the parts of you that are needing healing and attention, so that you are able to integrate a deeper wholeness within yourself.

Catherine Graham is an intuitive energy healer, psychic medium, author and creator. Certified in over 35 healing modalities, Catherine has a deep understanding of spirituality and the human experience, and easily interweaves the two to bring you deeper understanding of your human experience from a spiritual perspective.


The gong is one of the most versatile and powerful tools of sound healing. The vibrations can be felt in every cell of the body, as the sound waves penetrate the body and the mind alike. In addition to activating the parasympathetic nervous system and fostering deep relaxation and a sense of profound well-being, the soundbath will feature energy cleansing and chakra balancing and grounding as well.

SevaRam Spronk is a meditation educator, Kundalini Yoga teacher, a life coach, a sacred sound practitioner, and a community builder. Through her work, she leads people to rediscover their true identity as the essence of their Soul, and live fearlessly as the embodied spirit having a human experience.


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Participants Are Saying...


"I’m seriously so thankful to have [SevaRam] as a guide in my life. Thank you! I really appreciate her doing these sessions live!!! Keeps me accountable to being there and I enjoy this as a start to my day!

Kelsey, Pet Whisperer

Waterloo, ON

I had the privilege of joining SevaRam for her 40 day morning Kundalini Yoga. This practice was new for me in addition to working with SevaRam. What I can say is the practice of Kundalini Yoga facilitated by SevaRam is a definite gift to start your day and your investment will have a ripple effect throughout your day. SevaRam has an uplifting energy, passion, and foundational knowledge that she shares which is both engaging and inspiring. If you haven’t already - I highly recommend signing up and giving it a try - you will be so happy you did.

Sue, Healthcare Professional

Stratford, ON

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