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SevaRam Spronk


Hello and welcome! My name is SevaRam, and I believe that we all possess an innate power to heal. That power is more profound than we could ever imagine, and most of us have collectively "forgotten" that we have that power.

I have gone from identifying as someone defined by their trauma, their illnesses and limitations. I went a large part of my life believing that I was broken beyond repair. A dark night of the soul forced me to discover something that would restore my life, my health, and my joy. I have made it my life's work to share that with people!

Gong Healing

The gong, when played by an experienced and knowledgable facilitator, is the most powerful sound healing modality. This form of vibrational medicine has been around for thousands of years in numerous cultures. Find out how it can benefit you...

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga practice is a dynamic and deeply spiritual way to nourish your body and soul, by engaging and fuelling your energetic bodies. Each class includes breathwork, physical practice, gong relaxation, and meditation.​


Practice of meditation is accessible to everyone!

SevaRam offers a variety of practices that will support you in whatever you're up to in your life!

1:1 Coaching

Whether your life feels like you're spinning around in circles and you are ready to move on, or want to up-level your life and there's something blocking you, SevaRam can help with her multi-dimensional and unique approach.

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