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Starts June 6th, 2024.

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The Crown chakra (7th chakra) is one of the main energetic centres of the body, located at the top of the head.

It is believed to be the seat of the soul, and is associated with enlightenment, connection to the Higher Power and the whole Universe, and altering the paradigm of reality.

Even though a developed 7th chakra is often attributed to realized mystics and other "woo-woo figures", tending to this higher centre has tremendous benefits for everyday spiritual seeker from any walk of life!


... disconnected from your body and/or soul, to fully present and ALIVE in every way,

... fearing the future and the unknown, to deeply trusting in your own abilities and the Universe,

... being ruled by what you know, to living in the blissful flow of inner knowing and joyful expansion,

... feeling limited by and focused on the physical "reality" (money, ageing, time, power struggles, etc), to having an expansive experience of a boundless being with endless possibilities,

... self-doubt and needing validation of others, to having clarity about who you are and owning all of you!

A developed Crown chakra offers us the access to a world of oneness, harmony, expansion, and ease.

Through it, we transcend the limitation of a human being living in a physical world with all of its constraints, to embracing the truth that we are infinite and full of untapped potential to create, heal, and expand.


Welcome to "One with the Universe" a transformative 40-day meditation program designed to guide you through a profound journey of inner exploration and self-discovery centered around the powerful energy of the Crown Chakra.

Throughout this program, you will embark on a holistic journey that combines ancient wisdom with modern mindfulness techniques to awaken and harmonize your Crown Chakra.

Each day, you will delve into a blissful and transformative mantra meditation, and get access to insightful self-reflection prompts designed to expand your discoveries, self-awareness and consciousness.

Connect with your soul and embrace your Divine nature.

A Unique, Multi-Faceted Approach to Transformation...

Why Is This Program So


Through a habit of daily spiritual practice and connecting with yourself on the highest level, coupled with a thought-provoking self-inquiry process, participants make discoveries about their lives that were previously hidden to them.

Mantra meditation works on the subconscious level, the part of the mind that runs our lives "behind the scenes". The subconscious consists of deeply engrained patterns, beliefs, and stories that are often hidden to our conscious mind. It is extremely difficult to make meaningful changes if the subconscious is not aligned with what we're trying to do! The mantra turns the subconscious into a willing participant in your journey!

The process of self-reflection and self-inquiry (the inner work) engages your intellect: the conscious part of your mind that weighs pros and cons, makes decisions based on what you know and feel is right.

The intellectual inquiry can also gently "agitate" the subconscious, so that particular blocks can be brought up to light, be healed and cleared by the conscious mind.

By aligning the conscious and subconscious and focusing them both on same intention, we create a unique partnership of the different parts of us. It finally feel like all of our parts are moving in the same direction, rather than being pulled on different trajectories, resulting in self-sabotage.

The participants discover room for growth, connect to their special gifts they never acknowledged, relating to themselves in a different way, which enables them to experience more joy, ease, and fulfillment.

I have realized that I have not been in the habit of remembering the blessings in my life or acknowledging myself for what I DID do and celebrate it. With your suggestion to share that, I'm more likely to notice what I DO do and feel good about myself, and remind myself more often how "good enough." I am. Thank you.

T. C. , Musician

Joining SevaRam for a 40 day morning meditation for me is grounding myself and getting back to what I know I need to do in my life. My intuition becomes clearer and my day gets started on a balanced and joyous note!

SevaRam is incredibly knowledgeable in many modalities; combine that with her easy-going nature, her sense of humour and her willingness to share her journey and always show up is why she is #1 on my list of the top 5 people I appreciate in my circle!

I can’t wait to join another 40 day meditation! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

~💜 Christine

C. C. H. , Educator


Our 40-day online meditation program is designed for you to connect with your soul and loosen up the limitations of the small human experience.

Each daily practice is live and is recorded for your convenience.

Through daily meditation from the lineage of Kundalini yoga, you will learn to focus your attention and cultivate bliss and peace within.

We will be working with the Sacred Sound Current of the Mul (Mool) mantra. This mantra is THE HIGHEST mantra, and orients like a compass to the Higher Power. It leads you to your destiny, victory, and Liberation. It's been said to erase the old karmas.

This mantra speaks to the attributes of God (insert your favourite word for describing the Infinite Wisdom of the Creator), and the truth that creator and creation are one.

Inner Work

The daily self-exploration and self-reflection is facilitated through prompts that are sent out to you each day in an email. The prompts direct your attention to specific issues and 7th chakra challenges, and will give you surprising insights and discoveries.

It does not take a long time to do the daily work (5 mins or so), unless you choose to journal about it in a lengthy form. It is up to you if you choose to do those prompts daily, but you will get more for yourself out of this work if you do.

In addition, upon your completion of this program you will receive the access to the 7th chakra course, where all the prompts and extra material will be available to you for the foreseeable future, so no worries if you cannot do the prompts daily. Life happens!

You may also choose to go back to the course at a later time and go over the material again, which will give you deeper insights.

Photo of SevaRam Spronk, meditation educator


SevaRam Spronk, in addition to being a meditation educator, a life coach, and a level 2 Kundalini yoga teacher (RYT500) with almost a decade of teaching under her belt, is a SACRED SOUND practitioner. She also is a gong therapist, using the gong vibrations in therapeutic settings.

SevaRam's daily meditation practice always includes a mantra from a yogic tradition, either in Gurmukhi or Sanskrit. Both of these sacred languages beautifully convey the power of the vibration behind them, no matter the intention of the mantra.

Because of her own practice, education, and passion for sacred sound (sacred vibration), she shares the science of mantra and sound in a way that is accessible and understandable for westerners, even for those who are "weirded out" by it!

Even if you're brand new to the concept of sacred sound or vibration (Naad), you will discover the peace, aliveness, healing, and inspiration that mantra meditation can bring into your life!

Our Program Includes:

Daily live meditations led by a compassionate and experienced meditation educator, SevaRam Spronk.

Journaling and Self-Reflection Exercises: Engage in thought-provoking journaling exercises that will deepen your understanding of your desires, goals, and the areas in your life where you seek personal growth.

Three 1-hr online group gatherings.

Online community for support and encouragement.

A specially created downloadable journal that will empower you during this work.

Access to the 7th chakra course, upon completion of this program.

Daily recordings of the practice sent out daily in an email.

Fun opportunities to get creative!

OPTIONAL - DEEP DIVE: You can access additional 1-1 coaching with SevaRam, if you'd like extra help or support. Read below for more info...

What Do I Need to Know?

Beginners and more advanced meditators are welcome!

The meditation starts Thursday, June 6th at 7:30AM ET, and goes till Tuesday, July 16, 2024.

We meet 7:30 - 7:55AM ET on weekdays, and 9AM on weekends and holidays.

The three additional sessions take place on:

1) Seeding : Tuesday, June 4th, 8-9PM ET

2) Nourishing: Wednesday, June 26th, 8-9PM

3) Harvesting : Wednesday, July 17, 8-9PM

Every day you receive a micro-lesson in regards to the technique or the experience of the meditation to facilitate consistent integration of the teachings.

All sessions are live on Zoom with daily recording emailed afterwards.

You're welcome to meditate with us daily, every other day, or whatever works for your schedule.

After you register, you will be sent an email with your receipt, and shortly after another one welcoming you to the program, and getting you started. Please check your junk folder if you don't see those emails!



The DEEP DIVE gives you the entire program, PLUS THREE one-on-one 1-hr coaching sessions ($600 value) with SevaRam, as well as extra check-in's during the program as needed. These sessions are deeply discounted exclusively for the participants of this program, and they are to be completed within 2 weeks of finishing the program.

If you're someone who would like to go deeper into your discoveries or would like help processing, this is for you. If you've been having issues with visualizing your future, have a hard time hearing or trusting your intuition, or is challenged by longer-term goals and tasks, the DEEP DIVE will support you in creating and fostering a DEEP connection with your Higher Self (your soul).

SevaRam's unique approach to soul work blends grounded lifecoaching, deep spiritual alignment, and intuitive guidance. If you've been stuck and are ready to soar, this is for you!

Questions? Email


This has been an incredible process. Thank you for sharing your insights and experiences and validating all of ours.

I am looking forward to the next one. Fantastic work SevaRam...such a heart centred practice!

C.S., Seeker

I am so thankful you came into my life and the changes you inspire.

C.L. Entrepreneur

SevaRam is a special soul. She is extremely knowledgeable, and incredibly prepared. She speaks from her heart. She lives what she teaches. I have loved the 40 day practices she offers. It is a great way to start the day. Thank you Seva Ram.

R.A. Life Coach

With your participation, you will...

+ develop a nourishing habit of daily meditation (THE BEST self-care!)

+ cultivate a connection with your Self (mental health and clarity)

+ immerse yourself in Sacred Sound Current (subconscious shifts and healing)

+ gain insight into hidden patterns in your life, enabling you to start shifting them

+ discover and clear blocks stopping you from living your best life

+ receive experienced and compassionate guidance and instruction

+ experience all that in a company of other FINE seekers

In addition, you'll get:

  • 40 days of live group meditation - value: $400

  • Daily profound self-exploration and journaling prompts - value: $97

  • THREE 1-hr online group gatherings - value: $90

  • Downloadable journal specifically created for this program - value: $30

  • 7th chakra course, available upon your completion of this program - value: $197

  • PLUS Community of like-minded women PRICELESS

  • Daily recordings of the meditation + bonus resources - value: $67




(until May. 31)


(from June 1st)


DEEP DIVE: $277*

*HST applies.

If you wish to participate in the program, but are experiencing financial challenges, please email SevaRam (, and we will find a mutually supportive option.

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