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Remember when you were a kid, your head full of dreams and visions? And then self-doubt and fear of uncertainty became “the norm”?

You live, you learn, you strive and achieve. You know you're good at many things, you have build a life, and yet that self-doubt still lurks, undermining your value and abilities, stealing your joy.

Maybe it's the recent transitions that shook your confidence and peace that brought on that voice so loud? Maybe it's the burnout or feeling stuck where you are?

You realize that there's so much more to life and so much more to you, and it seems like it's behind a glass wall that you can't get through. You take on various spiritual practices to help you connect to your "Higher Self", and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. It's often confusing, and often you seem to "slide" right back to square 1.

It is NEVER too late to reclaim your power and your life!

I was just like you… Floating through life with no clear purpose, often questioning my value and my abilities. I  struggled  with  bouts of depression and eating disorders for almost three decades, burdened by history of abuse and PTSD.  After the birth of my son, I found myself in deep depression and anxiety. Many forms of therapy and medication did nothing for me, and I was barely surviving…

Finally, I was introduced to kundalini yoga, and the practice brought fast-acting, lasting, and PROFOUND transformational effects. I  became a kundalini yoga teacher, and took many more advanced courses, including addiction recovery, numerous self-development courses and life coaching certification, so I could help others. I invested time and money and learned how to be my own priority. I finally understood it was my soul’s calling to be of service through teaching and guiding people to their wellbeing…

What can you expect while working with SevaRam?

  • Identify the habits and beliefs that are keeping you from living your best life. 

  • Blast through your blocks as you master the above.

  • Learn effective tools for self-management, including meditation and breathwork, and various ways to work with the subconscious mind.

  • Self-exploration – the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it!

  • Gentle but firm guidance and support.

  • No BS, no beating around the bush!

  • My 100% commitment to your success.

  • Accountability and encouragement as new possibilities unfold before you!

  • Renewed self-concept of who YOU truly are!

Book a Complimentary Vision Call with SevaRam

During this call you will determine whether you’re a good fit for each other and discover the most effective way to collaborate to get you started on the path to your vision! This call alone will start shifting things for you, so book your 30 minutes now!

SevaRam Spronk helped me make a tremendous shift in my life. I was facing real pressures due to my husband’s and my own health issues and the desire to move across country to join our daughter. For months we met on Zoom and she would encourage me and hold space for me to acknowledge both my fears and successes as each step of the journey was taken. When I felt overwhelmed, I could imagine my next coaching session with SevaRam and know that I would be able to report success against my goals. She was a hired friend, counsellor, therapist, meditation guru and doctor. I recommend her coaching services, without reservation. We have now landed in our new environment and I know my journey and transition was completely aided by having the coaching sessions with SevaRam.

Colette, Grandmother

Calgary, AB

“SevaRam is highly intuitive. She’s able to flow into what we need, collectively.”

Lisa, Educator

Waterloo, ON

“People are attracted to SevaRam because she is very honest. She’s so raw… And I truly appreciate that.”

 Kim, Energy Healer

Guelph, ON

My 5-Step Transformative Process:


Define your outcome and direction with crystal-clear vision. Even if you don’t have a clear vision just yet, we will create that, perfectly aligned with your values and desires.


Outline and work a clear and effective action plan to get you to your vision!


Upgrade your skill set needed in achieving and maintaining your goals. These can include: self-regulation, awareness, and meditation practices, behaviour modification, use of specific affirmations, self-care energy practices, and more…


Optimize your environment for your success. This element may involve tweaking your personal space, “adjusting” the relationships with various people in your life, enabling you to engage in promoting behaviours as opposed to demoting behaviours.


Inner work

to help you master your mind and emotions.

Book a Complimentary Vision Call with SevaRam

This call will reframe the issue you're dealing with, and will give you a new point of view, which will catapult you on to a new level on which you'll start building your life.

Don't wait, claim your call now!

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